Your Captain is a native Vermonter and has spent years on the waters of Lake Champlain. Captain Pete lives on a tiny island called Isle La Motte in the Lake Champlain Islands Region.

United States Coast Guard - 50 Ton Master Captain/Peter Murray's mission is to provide a safe and productive experience aboard the Missy Jean.

Let the Captain's experience be your guide for not only a day of great fishing but fantastic views of our breathtaking mountains, with the Adirondack Mountains to the West and the Green Mountains to the East.

The Captain's obvious love and respect for the lake and its offerings is the driving force behind much of the activity on board.

Friday, June 13, 2014


I met Jake and two of his close fishing buddies at coastguard launch in Burlington. 

We set our first line at 7:00 am. It wasn't to long before we netted our first trout.  

I worked a 60' hump in one of my favorite hot spots. 

The fish where actively feeding near the bottom and also suspended at 30 down. I set lead core line with 6 colors out on both planner boards. I found that large Michigan Stinger lures with a alewives glow pattern, silver back set 25' back worked best on the bottom. Upper riggers seem to be most productive with a blue, black, silver set 60' back.  The fish seemed to have also wanted  a brass orange black patterned lure,  we call this lure "Charlie Brown". It worked real well on the boards set on the lead core.  
All gear fired today!  

As the day progressed I moved my upper riggers down 5' and put out another color of lead to stay with the fish as they moved deeper in the water. 

I must say Jake and his crew did a great job with boating there catch aboard the Missy Jean. They where able to take home their limits of lake trout and some great memories of a beautiful day on Lake Champlain.

Thanks for stopping by.
Captain Pete

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