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Monday, January 21, 2013


A trip down memory lane for a minute.
Back in 2006 I won the Plattsburgh Rotary International Fishing Classic.
On a very rainy Sunday we pulled into the weigh in station with only a few minutes to spare to get the fish weighed in and entered.

The Rotary starts at 12:01 am on Friday and ends at noon on Sunday, usually the first weekend in June.  That weekend we caught so many lakers we lost count, all were put back of course just waiting for the big one.
We had a release with the rod tip touching the water, FISH ON!!!
The boat was stopped immediately and all gear was pulled in, I knew this was a big fish.

When all gear was pulled in I asked, what time is it?
Fortunately we had only a five minute boat ride to the weigh in station, but some time needed to be spent pulling this fish in on light weight test; 10 lb main line with 8 lb leader line.  After a good twenty minute battle the fish was in the net and the boat was in gear, we were headed!

With only a few minutes to spare, we placed first, can you tell?
The fish weighed 11 lbs 14 1/2 oz  and was 34 inches long.

Thanks for stopping by.
Captain Pete

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