Your Captain is a native Vermonter and has spent years on the waters of Lake Champlain. Captain Pete lives on a tiny island called Isle La Motte in the Lake Champlain Islands Region.

United States Coast Guard - 50 Ton Master Captain/Peter Murray's mission is to provide a safe and productive experience aboard the Missy Jean.

Let the Captain's experience be your guide for not only a day of great fishing but fantastic views of our breathtaking mountains, with the Adirondack Mountains to the West and the Green Mountains to the East.

The Captain's obvious love and respect for the lake and its offerings is the driving force behind much of the activity on board.

Saturday, May 30, 2015


Early fishing season is well underway! 
Our trips continue to be successful with quality fish and good numbers netted.
We have a few openings in the schedule for the month of June, contact us to book your trip today.
Master Captain Pete Murray
Lake Champlain Troutscout Charters

Thanks for stopping by.
Captain Pete

Sunday, March 15, 2015


Sorry I have been away so long, computer problems and loss of pictures.
(IPhone ended up at the bottom of a port ta potty, yuck indeed.)
The fall of 2014 was very successful, with many trips out on the lake and many friends made.
The fishing was fast and furious from the set of our first lines to the last line pulled.
The lake trout fishing continued from late summer into the fall with great success.
The Atlantic landlocked salmon were found in large numbers in certain areas of the lake.  We were able to locate these areas which made for many hours of air-born  thrills.
As we have rolled into 2015 we are  preparing for our upcoming season with bookings for charters.
You can visit me at:
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Captain Pete

Sunday, June 22, 2014


The Captain’s report

Took out Lance and crew fishing , Monday and Tuesday

Lines in at 7:00 am, and pulled at 1:00 pm.   Did 16 lakers, 7 colors of lead off the boards, upper riggers set at 35' down, 60' back 
Bottom riggers set, bouncing bottom, 25' back
All gear fired.
All green !!!

Crew wanted to chase salmon. Lines in at 8:00 am
Lines pulled at 12:00 pm
Big spread 8 lines
Lead 5 colors off boards
Lite bite 60' back, 100' out
Upper riggers set at 11' down, 50' back
Bottom set 33' down, 25' back with free slider cheaters.
 Most productive lure was BB Guns Watermelon copper .
Hooked up 8 salmon
Biggest fish 4.5 pounds

Great weather with calm waters.
 Nice job boating all these fish guys !

Thanks for stopping by.
Captain Pete

Friday, June 13, 2014


I met Jake and two of his close fishing buddies at coastguard launch in Burlington. 

We set our first line at 7:00 am. It wasn't to long before we netted our first trout.  

I worked a 60' hump in one of my favorite hot spots. 

The fish where actively feeding near the bottom and also suspended at 30 down. I set lead core line with 6 colors out on both planner boards. I found that large Michigan Stinger lures with a alewives glow pattern, silver back set 25' back worked best on the bottom. Upper riggers seem to be most productive with a blue, black, silver set 60' back.  The fish seemed to have also wanted  a brass orange black patterned lure,  we call this lure "Charlie Brown". It worked real well on the boards set on the lead core.  
All gear fired today!  

As the day progressed I moved my upper riggers down 5' and put out another color of lead to stay with the fish as they moved deeper in the water. 

I must say Jake and his crew did a great job with boating there catch aboard the Missy Jean. They where able to take home their limits of lake trout and some great memories of a beautiful day on Lake Champlain.

Thanks for stopping by.
Captain Pete

Sunday, February 23, 2014


As we all know (or maybe you don't) this winter in Northern Vermont on Lake Champlain has seen some below average temperatures, creating thick ice on the lake.
We have had very little difficulties getting around.

The weather was 20 degrees with nearly no wind to speak of.
Here we are setting up tip-ups, are target fish was Northern Pike.

In a short amount of time we were chasing flags, fish on!!

We had out 28 tip-ups which left us a little time to jig.

My electronics proved to stand true with the yellow perch bite.
This devise is a Lowrance Elite X4 ice machine, great product.

Another flag up!

The Captain got a good look at this one!!

Fish fry at the Captain's house.

This was the view on last look for the day.
With the ice being so thick we should be getting out for more ice fishing through the end of March.
Contact me if you would like to experience ice fishing on Lake Champlain.
Currently booking ice fishing and open water charters, don't miss out on the 2014 season.
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Captain Pete
Lake Champlain Trout Scout Charters

Friday, January 31, 2014


Had an opportunity to get together with some friends for some early ice fishing on Lake Carmi in Franklin Vermont.
The fish were plenty and the company was great.

Some real jumbos were caught and brought home for dinner, good eats!!
This is Matthew preparing our catch for a photo op.
Thanks Justin, Matthew and Pete for a great experience of fishing on Lake Carmi.

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Captain Pete

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Well we all know what comes after fall here on Lake Champlain..
The Captain wanted to share a few photographs, transformation to hard water.

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Captain Pete