Your Captain is a native Vermonter and has spent years on the waters of Lake Champlain. Captain Pete lives on a tiny island called Isle La Motte in the Lake Champlain Islands Region.

United States Coast Guard - 50 Ton Master Captain/Peter Murray's mission is to provide a safe and productive experience aboard the Missy Jean.

Let the Captain's experience be your guide for not only a day of great fishing but fantastic views of our breathtaking mountains, with the Adirondack Mountains to the West and the Green Mountains to the East.

The Captain's obvious love and respect for the lake and its offerings is the driving force behind much of the activity on board.

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Captain Pete is fishing again.
This weekend he is on the hunt for Northern Pike in the Missisquoi Bay in Alburgh Springs Vermont.
The temperatures were approx 32 degrees and the winds were south-south east approx 15 mph in the morning with calming down in the afternoon.

 Pete and Roger are all packed up and ready to go.

With tip-ups set up it was a very successful day of fishing.  Pictures of other Pike did not come out so are not worth posting.  This is a 7 1/2 lb Northern Pike.

The haul for the day was;  two 5 lb, one 7 1/2 lb, one 9 lb, and multiple 3 lbs.
In the picture is one 5 lb, the 7 lb and the 9 lb.

With such a great day of fishing it was hard to pack up when the sun went down.  Here are the tip-ups in the lights of the four-wheelers.  It paid off......

This pike weighs approx. 9 1/2 lbs, awesome fish.  This pike hit the tip-up in the dark.

The fish is all packaged and resting in the freezer.

Here is Captain Pete taking a rest on Sunday.  A successful day of ice fishing is kinda tiring to say the least.
Do you do any ice fishing, if so where do you fish?
Thanks for stopping by.
Captain Pete

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